The advantages of stainless steel jewelry

Steel is a kind of minimum quality alloy steel chromium content of 10.5% or 11%. Due to its own characteristics, various kinds of stainless steel jewelry jewelry market in spring. So what makes it so popular? Here, I will tell you its advantages.
First of all, let us have a look at the body features of it. We can easily get the first feature, from the “stainless steel”. Unlike other metals, it is resistant to rust. This is because the chromium content. The corrosion resistance of stainless steels, is composed of element chromium decided, in the jewelry surface with a layer of thin film. Jewelry can maintain its charm rather like silver jewelry, tend to make the metal in the oxygen in the air.
It is also not allergic. Many people are allergic to nickel is the most common jewelry found. Almost everyone can wear the jewelry in the world of comfort.
Second, it is the beauty of stainless steel jewelry. On the one hand, so the color is similar to that of platinum and silver. It can be worn only on informal occasions, highlighting your personality, but on formal occasions, can improve your elegance, imperceptibly. On the other hand, a lot of magic and flexible design can occur in the stainless steel jewelry. With very high hardness. More difficult than gold and silver. Thomas Sabo Sale online requires designers to design is very delicate, subtle and complex, this is gold and silver jewelry not possible. Its hardness also ensures jewelry longevity. It’s not easy to be destroyed. It is immune from scratches and wear to a certain degree.
Third, compared to other jewelry such as pearl jewelry, stainless steel jewelry is relatively cheap, silver jewelry and gold jewelry. This is the perfect fashion jewelry is not so much money alternative jewelry. You can spend a few dollars to a fine craftsman ship stainless steel bracelet, fashion design. Almost every woman can afford to buy a piece of stainless steel jewelry. This type of jewelry prices are low because of the reason of stainless steel jewelry popular.
Fourth, cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel jewelry is also very easy. You only need a piece of cloth dipped in clean jewelry and spray droplets in the toothbrush toothpaste gently clean edge etching or slot area with warm water. Later, clean and fresh and used for dry polishing cloth jewelry. You can buy this kind of cloth in the jewelry store. In addition, soaking in aqueous ammonia solution like jewelry, the use of commercial cleaning products can be in the jewelry store.
Stainless steel jewelry corrosion resistance, no allergy, hardness, different design, low price, convenient cleaning and maintenance helps the status and visibility in jewelry world.