Jewelry designer of women in different cultures crysobel jewelry

Grow up immersed in the South Asian culture, I became familiar with jewelry as a facial expression recognition standard parts and the essence of a woman’s part. In our culture, women adorn themselves with precious jewels people take their watches as easily in the west. Based on the mobile to American as a young woman, I found jewelry is seen as a luxury, usually give a woman with her other half, only in special or rare occasions. Of course, I mean fine jewelry, as opposed to the fashion jewelry, often full of display cases in most Department stores. In fact, in India and Sri Lanka homeland like my country, any less than 22kT gold is not considered a “real” jewelry, wearing and collection of jewelry works began at an early age. My first pair of earrings, a pair of my own 22kT gold hoop, in my ears at the age of six months. It’s been six months. No self respecting South Asian girls will appear in her ears without leaving home, even in infancy.
My introduction to American culture, as it relates to jewelry, beginning at the age of sixteen, I in the Connecticut commercial street work in a jewelry store. In contrast, I grow up, I found that pierced ears almost be considered obscene é and often depressed parents, the young girl. I looked at the little girl entered the store, their mother, to beg for pierced ears. More often than not, concept, parents will respond, their daughter is too young. The concept seems foreign (no pun intended), from a culture, almost every young girl had pierced through her first birthday. Another fact is, for me is a surprise is, in general, Western women and girls do not buy their own jewelry. On the contrary, they want their boyfriend or husband, fianc é E will make them into a beautiful jewelry with a special occasion. Popular date including birthdays, Christmas, of course, Valentine’s day. In Sri Lanka, we never want to wait for our other half to buy us a piece of jewelry.
In Sri Lanka and India area, women are the most important consumers buy jewelry, from simple gadgets luxury works, all can be passed to the younger generation. From the external environment, it is interesting, in American, a national celebration of individualism and power, even in 2007, women still don’t have the ability to buy their own jewelry. American women do not want to pull their credit card for $one five pair of shoes the architect or designer handbags, but when it comes to jewelry is still eager to get a little blue box as everyone knows. “”. Recently, a successful marketing campaign put forward the concept of “right hand ring,” a diamond ring, women can buy for their own reward; one is worn on the right hand, free social stigma. The movement went a step further, pushing the idea, a woman is no longer waiting for a man to buy her the dream of diamond ring. This raises a question, why do we have to wait until someone gives us to buy jewelry?? Rather than waste disposable clothing accessories for hundreds of dollars, why don’t we indulge oneself buy a can enjoy the investment in our life, and then handed over to our daughter and granddaughter? Why restrict your jewelry is “right ring?”
Cultural norms America seem to determine the diamond ring should be in a woman’s collective assets and invest primarily in her life piece of jewelry. There are, in fact, many beautiful and diverse options.
This is my own pursuit, my wedding, inspired to find my jewelry line of jewellery, crysobel. I think the jewelry, the memory of my special day, also reflect and express my combination of East root and my current city life style. Of course I don’t want my wonderful Holland fianc é E to meet my requirements in this area. A modern woman, I know I’m looking for what, and exhaustive search I realized that it doesn’t exist after. I decided to design their own wedding jewelry and jewelry line of crysobel seeds were slit. During the initial task I design jewelry line on my own, I again remind women to buy their own jewelry is very unusual.