Effective and safe way to display jewelry

Jewelry is precious. This is a special. It reflects the wearer’s personality. These quality jewelry should be reflected in their show to attract customers.
Jewelry is in all budget size, from heavy Party wear clothing accessories, is relatively cheap, semi precious jewelry with precious metals and stones jewelry. Each jewelry will attract a different customer, should display the corresponding.
Although there are all kinds of jewelry, a common goal jewellery buyers, is the jewelry seem more expensive. Quality workmanship has two points and the one and only design, the ornaments in the talent showing itself. It is a place where people can not be imitated (i.e., jewelry boss won’t see too many other people in the same piece of happy).
The following are two main aspects of the safety and effectiveness of several address jewelry display.
1. Jewelry is the exclusive: display unit should contain some special parts, well spaced out so that customers can appreciate everything alone.
2. Jewelry is precious and expensive lighter and more discrete blocks, the more expensive is possible. More expensive jewelry, more distant from the other jewelry, especially. This seems to be a very difficult thing, especially when the space refers to the money. A solution to this problem is shown in a time of only a few pieces of. Interested customers can show in the closed unit to other similar works. This also let salesman often rotating member display to show a new look.
3. Jewelry can be suitable for different budget: every woman like to wear jewelry, but every woman has a different priority, when to spend money to buy jewelry. Jewelry display should be divided into different part of the budget. The price should be discrete, because it is considered a “vulgar” to promote you spend in jewelry quantity.
4. Training employees to understand the metal and stone jewelry is an asset, customers often the knowledge co.. Staff should also have good sales skills, can judge the mood of the customer. They should know what time to give the customer a little space to make a purchase decision, whether to give too many choices to customers will help them to make a choice or confusion.
1. Training and vigilance, the staff will help prevent a lot of theft. Employees should be able to quickly able to explain all the jewelry, in their charge (i.e., they should be able to record is displayed,’s fragments, fragments were placed back).
2. Security is a major issue in all of the jewelry store, especially those who sell expensive jewelry. Security should be effective; however, it should be based on visible balance (to prevent sticky fingers) and discrete.
3. The security system should be safe! They should not be easily tampered. It will also make them expensive, but it is worth the money. Security system should include the locker, security cameras and monitors, security personnel only. An important aspect of security is, it also requires local police cooperation.
Remember, jewelry design you will depend on your jewelry sold and your target customer files.